Unpaper Kitchen Towel Set


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Unpaper Towel – Top 100% Cotton, Back 100% Cotton Towelling.

Unsponge – Top 100% Cotton, Zorb Inner, Back 100% Cotton Towelling.


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If you are looking to make your kitchen as waste free as possible, then these unpaper towels will make the perfect starting point.

These are made with a pretty 100% cotton topper, and are backed with an absorbent towelling. One towel will clean up spills better and more effectively than it’s disposable counterpart.

Each set contains 6 towels, which snap together to make storage simple. You will also receive 2 unsponges with your order.

The unsponges are topped with matching 100% cotton, and are filled with zorb, and then backed with towelling. The towelling will create a gentle abrasive surface to help remove waste from dishes.

Simply use, wash and reuse. No waste! These make the perfect gift for the eco friendly and waste concious house!

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